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My Expectation about my Programme

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I think this is very mechanical manufacturing interests me. This is right now the field of women’s men, but the world is able to stand on par with men. involve many mechanical calculation of static objects to la moving objects, involving design, there is also my be memorized but not much. Electric already there but not much also my study, learn the fundamentals already. Kat air-conditioner system edifice kind Jusco, Giant, elevator, plumbing in large buildings, all under mechanical engineering. utilizing a knowledge of engineering to implement their work consists of various categories of people such as the Auditor artisan, craftsman Native Fitter weld interpreter, interpreter painting, technicians, technical assistants up to the engineers. Engineering fundamentals used for planning, design, and form a task to be what is desired. An engineer does not necessarily do the work to repair the machine or using the hands sendriri for engineers to do something but the scope is very wide. in my opinion, must be a highly skilled engineers in the management, planning clever, intelligent and efficient implementation strategies for solving problems in the performance of their duties and in charge.


Assalamualaikum and hello guys..
My full name is Nurul Hazwani Binti Zamran but all my friends called me Wani. What I am going to tell here is not about myself but basically is about my hobby. I know that everybody have their own interest or hobby and what I am going to share here is all about my hobbies, what I like to do most during my leisure time.

First of all, I like reading. I like to read novel and mostly a story about love and life. If I start to read the novel, I can’t stop reading it because it’s make me wondering and wanting to know what’s the ending of it. When I read the novel, I can feel what exactly the author’s feeling, experience and what is the author’s intention in delivering the message. I can have such of feeling of happiness, sadness, passionate and sometimes I can smile, laugh and also cry while reading. For me I prefer to have happy ending rather than sad ending because is will make me feel sad and touchable.

Since I start my study, most of the time I will use for reading or studying my academic books. I want to gain as much knowledge as possible since the market today demands a knowledgeable and a higher quality of employee.

Another hobby that I would like to share is that I like cooking. Since I am a family kind of person, I like to spend my precious time with my family. During weekend, I will cook special dishes because I will have more time to prepare the entire ingredient and my mom always help me to do with the house chores. Normally I will cook fish head curry, chicken rice, ‘nasi lemak’, ‘laksa’, ‘bihun sup’, spaghetti, curry mee, prawn mee, etc.

That’s all about my interest .

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